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Everything you need to create LIVE Video that looks Professional and is full of your personality!


Whether you've never gone LIVE, or you already go LIVE regularly, you'll grow your audience and grow your business!


Don't just learn... we'll walk you through taking ACTION on what you learn!

The Step-by-Step TRAINING you need to use LIVE Video strategically to STAND OUT from the crowd, and GROW YOUR BRAND so you can HELP MORE PEOPLE!



Stop the Overwhelm & Increase Your Results!

LIVE Video can be a super powerful and engaging form of content and marketing for your brand!

But maybe you're stuck on the tech, and it's overwhelming... or maybe you're just not seeing the views and growth you expected. 

Let's put a STOP to the frustration, and START seeing results!


Amy Porterfield ~ Top Marketing Strategist

"I've been amazed at the knowledge and experience Luria has! When she explained her strategy plan to me, I thought "that's just so good"! It's very eye opening in terms of how to approach LIVE Video.

Beyond her expertise with LIVE, I just can't believe how thoughtful and generous she is as a person! She and her partner, David, have been there for me at every turn and doubt and fear I've had. I'm so thankful to have them by my side!"


In "LIVE Video Blueprint", you'll learn complete strategies in each of these 4 Key Areas:


Create LIVE Video that looks Professional whether you're using nothing but your phone... all the way up to a TV quality studio!


Create engaging content that people want to watch (even if you don't know what to say)! Deliver maximum value and get engagement!

Audience Growth

Grow your audience to get more views and evangelists! Proven Promotion techniques that drive more LIVE and replay views. 


Bring in revenue in various ways through LIVE. Sell without being salesy. Or do a LIVE Launch.  The choice is yours!


I’ll help you decide on your Tech Setup, Content Strategy, Promotion Strategy & Monetization Strategy. From there, everything else will fall into place!

The Planning Phase kicks us off, then you’ll go deep into Creating and Delivering Engaging Content, Repurposing your Content so you get a bigger impact to your growth, Growing Your Audience and Monetizing your LIVE streams!

You'll TAKE ACTION on each of these steps AS WE GO so you're creating as you're learning!

Support to TAKE ACTION!

 We don't leave you hanging! 

The worst thing is learning something and not doing anything with it. Seriously... the thought of you in that situation drives me absolutely batty! :D

You'll have the support you need to take action on what you're learning!

  • Implementation Guides
  • Buying & Gear Guides
  • Workbooks


Get access to this private community where you can get daily support and encouragement!


Use this group to practice before you go LIVE publicly! This trusted group of friends will help you get comfortable and confident with your delivery on camera AND your new tech!


It's so helpful to have the support from people who've been there, done that... and who are going through the same process you are! This will be your path to success!

Brian & Carrie ~ Mindset Coaches

"We increased engagement to over 800+ comments per episode, quickly went from 20 simultaneous viewers to over 100 viewers and we blew past capacity for a program launch in just 3 days of LIVE Video promotions!"


The Complete System to Start, Grow & Monetize Your LIVE Videos in 60 Days!

Explore Inside...

Click on each week below to learn more about the program curriculum.

Choose your Foundational Strategies that will set you up for the rest of the program! These will be unique to you and your goals. You don’t fit in a box, and your LIVE strategy won’t either!

Choose your Tech Setup, your Content Strategy, Promotional Strategy and your Monetization strategy.

You’ll go through a series of guided practice sessions in our private & safe environment to help you get comfortable on camera and with the process of going LIVE.

  • Choose your Tech, Content, Promotion & Monetization Strategy  (and yes, you can sell WITHOUT sleeze!)
  • Get Gear Guides so you buy the right equipment without wasting money!
  • On Camera Training to take away your fears and feel CONFIDENT in front of the camera!
  • Practice Sessions in our Private Community will give you confidence to go LIVE!

... and hey, don't worry! I'll tell you exactly what to say and do in those Practice Sessions!

How will the choices you made in Week 1 affect any other content you’re creating like podcasts, recorded videos, blog posts, etc? Let’s tie it ALL together here so you have a solid strategy that goes beyond LIVE!

Solidify & go deeper into your Content Strategy so that you don’t waiver when it comes time to producing LIVE content. You’ll know exactly what you’re doing and why!

  • How to use LIVE content WITH your other types of content (videos, podcasts, blog posts, etc)
  • Decide on your Repurposing Strategy
  • Begin to build buzz for your upcoming LIVE streams

Now it’s time to come out of the planning process and start creating! We’re going to add YOUR personality into your content and structure it so you feel confident AND get engagement!

  • Create content that's FULL OF PERSONALITY!
  • "The YOU Formula": How to be you in your content, and go deeper with Authenticity
  • Generate awesome ideas! (even if you think you don't think you have enough to say!)
  • Structure your content for more ENGAGEMENT

By now, you’ll have received any gear you ordered in Week 1, and it’s time to setup your tech and create a cool video set.  

You’ll begin to go LIVE to your audience and get them to participate in what you’re setting up… after all, this is for THEM, right? You’ll also begin learning how to get engagement!

  • Learn how to setup your gear
  • Create an awesome video set background
  • Go Behind the Scenes with LIVE streams to your audience

... and again, I'll tell you exactly what to do in these streams so you never think "I don't know what to say"!

Let’s put your training into ACTION! You’ll deliver a solid LIVE stream to your audience that matches the goals you chose earlier in the program. And you’ll learn how to analyze what you did so that you can improve!

  • Put your training into ACTION!
  • Deliver what you've created in the program

Don't worry... I got you and will help guide you through the process!

Don’t just leave your LIVE behind. What to do with it AFTER you’re done and implement a strong repurposing strategy.

Now that you know what to do start to finish of creating a SINGLE LIVE Video, you can do it over, and over and over!

  • Get MORE LIFE out of your LIVE Videos with a "Post LIVE Process"!
  • Create your Content Calendar to make creating LIVE videos easier!
  • Analyze your videos without obsessing or emotion (and how to tweak your strategy based on what you see)
  • Rinse & Repeat!

Let’s get you more views, engagement and awareness!

  • How to build a True Community of people who freakin' LOVE you! :)
  • Tips to Get More Engagement
  • 19 Proven Promotion Strategies to help you grow quicker

How to Build Community, Generate Leads & Generate Sales all at the same time! How to create deep loyalty with people beyond the sale.

  • 16 Proven Sales Strategies to help you create buzz for your products or services!
  • Build Community, Generate Leads & Generate Sales (they all work together!)
  • How to use our "LIVE for Leads" strategy to generate Leads and our "LIVE for Launches" strategy to launch your products and services
  • Creating Deep Loyalty AFTER the Sale

Barry Friedman ~ Juggling Champion & 6 TED Talks

Best. Launch. Ever. All thanks to LIVE Video! For 12 years, I’d launched the same product and hit the same cap on enrollments each time. This last year I used Luria’s LIVE Video Promotion & Sales Strategies in her course. One LIVE Video brought in $8500, and the launch totaled an 18.7% INCREASE in front end sales, and a 215% increase in upsells!


Yay for Bonuses, right?!? :)


Grow your audience by appearing on other people's LIVE shows, podcasts, etc and build immediate trust!


Book great guests for your show (with any size audience!) & conduct more impactful and valuable interviews!


Create higher converting webinars with a visually stimulating and more engaging webinar experience!

*For Full Payment Option

Sally Haughey ~ Fairy Dust Teaching

"After only 2 weeks of implementing Luria's strategies, we're seeing MASSIVE ENGAGEMENT and GROWTH! Luria is such a great teacher!"

Michael Hyatt ~ Best Selling Author & Top Marketing Expert

"Luria exceeded my expectations as a coach... and as a person! She was there for me every step of the way, watching and helping me adjust where necessary. I felt 100% supported and felt at home from the first time we talked.

If you're serious about taking your LIVE Streams to the next level, I couldn't recommend more highly Live Streaming Pros!"


I've been doing LIVE Video for 12 years and have experience on every level. Oh... and that's Abbey the Chihuahua. She loves LIVE! 

From my home studio building a community of 2 million followers and racking up 4,000 videos with 1 Billion Views.... to high pressure super professional streams working with Panasonic, Samsung, AT&T and more. 

All that from a shy girl who never wanted to be in front of a camera. I'd LOVE to share all this knowledge with you and help you achieve your goals!

If I can do this... you can do it!!!!


Is This Right for You?


(Practitioners | Real Estate | Fitness & Health | Local Business)


(Coaches | Marketers | Entrepreneurs | DIY)

Video Creators


  • You want to use LIVE Video to grow your audience and build a Community!
  • You want to have a deeper connection with your audience that lasts longer than a single interaction!
  • You know you have something unique to offer and want to grow your audience so that you can impact more people!
  • You're willing to put in the work to get the results!

    Hey... nothing worth doing is super easy, but we'll show you step by step what you need to do to get results!

  • You're willing to step outside of your comfort zone!

    You can't reach your full potential by playing small, and now you have hundreds of new friends to support you!


  • You're looking for quick tactics

    If you want to get fancy numbers without building a true, lasting community, this program isn't right for you.

  • You don't like people

The best thing about LIVE is the CONNECTION you build with your audience. If you hate people, this program isn't right for you.

  • You're unwilling to give it time

If you want BIG results TOMORROW, you're going to be disappointed.

Nothing gives you instant results without spending time to nurture, care and build. 

Joe Colantonio ~ Test Talks

"Luria and David helped me create my biggest money making income stream using LIVE Video!"

Frequently Asked Questions

LIVE Video Blueprint begins January 1st, so you can start it anytime that works for you once it kicks off! 

It's structured into an 8 week program to give you the best guidance so that you don't fall into the pitfall of starting a course and never finishing it! 

You'll be able to ask questions at any time by jumping into the Private Facebook Group (that's included with access to this program), where you can get additional support to help you reach the finish line! 

And if you need additional personal support from Luria, you can join our Group Coaching Program where you can join weekly calls with her to brainstorm about your goals!

You're getting access to:

  • A complete 8 week training & implementation program
  • Guides & Workbooks to help you take action
  • Private Facebook Community for support
  • 3 Bonuses
    • How To Get Booked as an Expert
    • How To Be a Great Interviewer
    • Advanced Webinar Formula

All you need is your smart phone and an Internet Connection (we recommend at least 5Mbps Upload)!

If you want to increase your capabilities to do more Professional LIVE Video, we'll show you EXACTLY what to buy inside the program with Buying Guides. You can spend as much or as little on equipment as you want!

This is NOT just for business owners with products to sell! Video creators can use LIVE Video to grow your audience, create a deeper connection and monetize your video efforts in various ways without products of your own!

You don't have to have any previous experience with video because we'll walk you through step by step everything you need to know and do!

A lot of people are FEARFUL of being in front of the camera, and I get it! I was too when I started! 

But these days, video is key to growing your audience. You'll learn all about how to be great in front of the camera in this program! 

You're going through this program on your own time, so you can spend as much or as little time as you want! 

You get a series of lessons delivered each week, so you're not overwhelmed by trying to accomplish ALL the things all at once! 

Even if you take it slow, just remember to stay active in the Facebook Group so the community can support you!

Hey, I get it! Life gets in the way sometimes! Don't worry...You'll still get content sent your way, but you can certainly set it aside and come back to it later if you need! 

Just don't wait toooo long... I wanna see examples of you rocking your LIVEs! :)

You'll have Lifetime Access to the training material, don't worry! If you decide you want to take the program at a later date, or you want to revisit the material later on, you'll have access!

It's Time To Take Action!

There's something pulling at you. Telling you that you can have a bigger impact and make a bigger difference. And you CAN! Whatever is holding you back... ask yourself if it's YOU HOLDING YOU BACK. Until we allow ourselves to push past our comfort zone and expand the definition of what we can accomplish in life... we'll never find out what it is we can do for ourselves and for others!


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